*Vehicle Service Contracts*

CNA National's first product was our vehicle service contract (VSC), and it remains the focus of our operations today. With a variety of coverage terms and options, we can offer a service contract that is right for you. Our contracts provide multiple levels of coverage, from basic powertrain to nearly every component and part, as well as important benefits such as rental car reimbursement, towing, and emergency roadside assistance, along with deductible choices. And if the same item needs to be repaired again, there is no deductible.

*Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)*

Each year thousands of vehicles are declared a total loss due to theft or accidents. GAP can help in these instances. Many owners assume that if their vehicle is declared a total loss, their primary auto insurance coverage will pay the outstanding loan. However, that is not always the case.

In fact, if a vehicle is totaled or stolen, the amount paid by the insurance company may be substantially less than the amount owed on the loan. In these instances, the vehicle owner is responsible for the balance deficiency or "gap," which could result in significant out-of-pocket expenses. GAP is designed to help cover the difference between an insurer's settlement and the outstanding balance on a loan.

*Preferred Tire CareSM*

From potholes and metal plates to nails and glass, no one is immune to the road hazards that cause flat tires or bent wheels. By selecting a CNA National Preferred Tire Care plan, you can protect yourself from the expense of tire and wheel replacement. Featuring a $0 deductible, unlimited occurrences, towing, emergency roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement, our tire-and-wheel coverage is the right choice.


ResistAll EnviroGuard was specifically designed to meet the new requirements for water-based automotive sealants. Like all ResistAll products, EnviroGuard provides high-performance protection and also meets strict environmental standards.

ResistAll EnviroGuard interior protection creates a barrier against stains, and protects against premature aging. The exterior protection, similar to the other ResistAll products, protects against weather-induced fading and loss of gloss, as well as damage from acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap, as well as other environmental damage.

When you purchase ResistAll from your dealership, you are also protected with a strong warranty. All exterior painted surfaces on your vehicle are covered up to 7 years, depending upon your coverage. It also covers painted bumpers, side view mirrors, and original factory-installed spoilers and painted body side moldings. And the interior protection covers food and drink stains, fading, cracking, gum, inks and dyes, lipstick, makeup, crayons, urine, vomit, blood, pet stains, and some punctures (less than ¼ inch). You can have confidence that we will repair affected areas and make it convenient for you – through your selling dealership, or even through one of our nationwide mobile technicians.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Underside

A quick-dry, solvent-free solution, ResistAll Undercoating and noise inhibitor can significantly reduce engine and road noise. Applied to the exterior underbody of your vehicle, it can also help maintain interior levels of your cabin’s temperature. ResistAll Undercoating may also help to reduce corrosion and protect your underbody against dust and debris.


A paraffin-based material, our Rust Inhibitor keeps moisture from corroding inner body panels from the inside out. Not only does Rust Inhibitor help reduce rust and corrosion, but it also helps protect against salt and humidity.