2015 Ford Escape vs. Buick Enclave
2015 Ford Escape 2015 Buick Enclave
6-Speed Automatic, SelectShift Transmission 6-Speed Automatic
43.1 in Front Legroom 41.3 in
22 MPG City Fuel Economy 17 MPG
31 MPG HWY Fuel Economy 24 MPG

2015 Ford Escape vs. Buick Enclave

2015 Ford Escape vs. Buick Enclave

The Ford Escape has been a staple in the Ford lineup since the year 2000 when it was first released. There have been three generations of the Escape so far, and all of them have been wildly successful. Ford looks to continue with this tradition of success with the Escape into the 2015 model year. They have added innovative features and new changes that make this by far the best version of the Escape that Ford has ever put into production.

Another popular model in the compact crossover segment is Buick’s Enclave model. This vehicle directly competes against the Ford Escape in this competitive category. So we have decided to put these two models up against each other, head-to-head, in our 2015 Ford Escape vs 2015 Buick Enclave comparison test.

Shoppers who take part in this comparison test will be able to clearly see why the Ford Escape has been a top-selling vehicle in the compact crossover segment for a long time.

2015 Ford Escape in Albert Lea, MN

One of the biggest selling points to car shoppers is fuel economy, and that is one area where the new 2015 Ford Escape in Albert Lea MN really shines in comparison to the 2015 Buick Encore. The standard four-cylinder engine found on the Escape is able to achieve a fuel economy rating of 22 city miles per gallon and 31 highway miles per gallon. That means that in comparison to the Enclave, the Escape gets five more miles per gallon in the city, and seven more miles per gallon on the highway.

The Ford Escape has always been praised for its progressive and stylish appearance, and the new 2015 model year continues with that trend. The bold round edges and sharp lines that flow from bumper-to-bumper give this new Escape a look that is unmatched by anything that the competition has to offer, including the Buick Enclave.

Anyone in the market for a stylish and capable compact SUV would be wise to not overlook the Ford Escape in the new 2015 model year.

2015 Ford Escape vs. Buick Enclave