Millionaire MLB Player Lives in a VW Microbus

By Admin | Posted in Volkswagen on Thursday, February 19th, 2015 at 9:53 am
Young MLB Pitcher who Lives in a Volkswagen Microbus

Young MLB Pitcher who Lives in a Volkswagen Microbus

Here at Dave Syverson Auto Center we carry the full lineup of Volkswagen vehicles and we are huge fans of the brand. So any time that we hear a newsworthy story involving the brand we try to share it with you. Well, we recently heard a story about a young MLB pitcher who lives in a Volkswagen Microbus, and we just had to share this unique story.

Thats right, you read that correctly, there is a millionaire Major League Baseball player who is living in his Volkswagen Microbus. Daniel Norris is a 22 year old phenom who made his debut in Major League Baseball last September as a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays.

He was paid a $2 million signing bonus when he joined the team. Most rookies go out and buy things that you might expect, a house, fancy car, or things like that. However, Norris is not your typical rookie. After receiving his big signing bonus he went out and promptly purchased a 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia Microbus. He didn’t purchase this car to be part of a collection or anything, he bought it to live in.

During his off season this talented pitcher would rather spend his time traveling around and roughing it than living in luxury. He spends his time traveling all over the country and even Canada during his off season in the Volkswagen Microbus that he has named Shaggy after the character from Scooby Doo.

He has spoken to the media several times about his non-traditional lifestyle. He claims that when he was in the minor leagues he was constantly on the move and being shuffled around. Then when he got to the majors all of that stopped, but he felt the need to keep on moving. He also claims that, “It was a really cool experience for me, learning how to be self-sustainable. That’s just kind of how my mom and dad raised me: Learn to live on what you truly need and not really anything more.”

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