VW Unveils new Sport Coupe GTE Concept Ahead of Geneva Auto Show

By Admin | Posted in Volkswagen on Monday, March 2nd, 2015 at 3:05 pm
All-New Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept

All-New Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept

The historic Geneva Auto Show is taking place this week, and one of the most exciting reveals will come from Volkswagen. The German automaker will be bringing an all-new Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept to the Geneva Auto Show, and we couldn’t be any more excited about it. So in this blog post we will be highlighting everything that we know so far about the new VW Sport Coupe GTE Concept.

The VW Sport Concept GTE Coupe will finally be unveiled this week at the Geneva Auto Show after years of hints and concept teaser images, and we are thrilled to say the least. This model shares some similar design cues with the other sedans in the Volkswagen lineup, most notably with the Passat from the European market. However, for the most part this new model blazes a new trail for Volkswagen design by abandoning the rounded edges of the current generation in favor of a more angular and aggressive creased design that looks absolutely stunning in concept form. Whats even more exciting is the fact that many of these design cues will be found in all of the new Volkswagens that will be coming out over the next few years.

The front end of the new Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept boasts a beautiful wide grille that flows into the broad headlights. Also, the front fascia on the vehicle is characterized by a set of large and aggressively styled lower air inlets.

Volkswagen claims that this vehicle will feature a hybrid plug-in drivetrain, which explains why it has the GTE in its name. It will feature a pair of electric motors to power the rear wheels, and a gasoline powered TSI engine to power the front wheels.

We will be sure to provide you with new updates as we continue to learn more about the all-new Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE concept in the coming weeks and months.

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