VW Makes Financial Commitment to Support Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

By Admin | Posted in News on Thursday, February 19th, 2015 at 4:08 pm
Volkswagen Committed to Spending $10 Million on EV Infrastructure

Volkswagen Committed to Spending $10 Million on EV Infrastructure

It is an exciting time to be an automotive enthusiast. Changes and innovation are happening faster than ever right now. That is especially true when it comes to electric vehicle technology. Automakers have been producing quality electric vehicles for years now already, and as a result they are becoming more affordable. However, one of the main reasons why electric vehicles still have not appealed to a large mass market is because there is a lack of infrastructure currently available. Several businesses and automakers have pledged to try to change that by making financial commitments. Volkswagen committed to spending $10 million on EV infrastructure by 2016.

Volkswagen is a big promoter of increasing the popularity of the electric vehicle movement. They have committed to spending $10 million on electric vehicle charging station infrastructure by 2016. This new strategy coincides with the launch of the new zero-emissions 2015 Volkswagen E-Golf model, which is one of the most popular electric vehicles on the market.

At the 2015 Electric Drive Congress that was held in Washington D.C. recently, Jorg Sommer, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy, said that VW believes that more legislative support will also be need to take the sales of electric vehicles to the next level. He claims that automakers like Volkswagen need help from local, state and federal governments to increase the popularity of electric vehicles.  “In addition to the investment we and other companies and industries are making, we would like to see Federal financing support for establishing fast charging networks in urban areas and interstate corridors,” said Sommer.

It will be interesting to see if these large financial commitments to EV infrastructure by companies such as Volkswagen will lead to increased government support as well.

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