Volkswagen XL1 Gets Over 200 MPG

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The Most Fuel Efficient Car in the World

The Most Fuel Efficient Car in the World

It seems like all the buzz in the automotive industry today surrounds fuel economy. Growing public environmental responsibility and ever increasing government regulations have led to automakers competing against each other to make the most fuel efficient cars possible. Volkswagen is proving that they are at the cutting edge of innovative and fuel efficient vehicles by creating the most fuel efficient car in the world, the XL1.

Do you think that your Prius is impressive with its 51 city miles per gallon rating? Well, its not, at least not compared to Volkswagen’s XL1 concept car. This car looks like a supercar but does not perform like one, and it wasn’t designed to. The XL1 may not be able to reach 200 miles per hour like a Bugatti, but it does reach over 200 miles per gallon in fuel economy. Thats right, you did not read that wrong, the XL1 is the most fuel efficient car in the world. The XL1 has an estimated fuel rating of 261 miles per gallon in Europe and 220 miles per gallon in the United States where the fuel economy rating tests are very different.

The XL1 combines an advanced hybrid-electric drivetrain with an 800cc,TDI, two-cylinder engine. It also includes a plug in electric motor function that allows the vehicle to drive for up to 30 miles non-stop on solely electric power.

Surprisingly, it performs fairly well even though the XL1 can go over 200 miles on just one gallon of fuel. The motor makes 68 horsepower and will produce about 103 lb-ft of torque. This gives it a zero to 60 time of about 12.5 seconds. Which isn’t to bad for a car that will take you over 1,000 miles on just five gallons of fuel.

The XL1 was first unveiled in 2011 at the Qatar Motor Show in 2011 but is not widely available for public sale at this time.

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