SUV vs. Minivan: The never ending mommy battle

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SUV vs. Minivan

Are you a minivan mom?

SUV vs. Minivan

If you have children or children on the way, you have to think about more than what car seat to buy. You also have to think about what vehicle would be most beneficial for you to own when you have child passengers. The historic battle of SUV

SUV vs. Minivan

Or an SUV mom?

vs. Minivan is not getting any less heated. As safety and technology become even bigger decision factors when buying a car, moms are faced a difficult choice.

Here at Dave Syverson in Albert Lea MN, we understand the importance of your car choice for families. In saying this, we believe that either choice is the right choice, it just depends on what features are most important to you.

If you are a smaller mom, you might think about an SUV for visibility reasons. By sitting up higher than other cars you will be able to see more of the road. Some moms feel that the SUV is more stylish than the minivan and provide more options for seat configuration. SUV fans also say it is sometimes easier to strap a carseat in than a minivan because the seats are closer to the door and you don’t have to bend down as far to strap the seat in. Some SUVs on our lot that are great for families are the Ford Expedition, the Nissan PathFinder, and a crossover, the Jeep Cherokee.

SUV vs. Minivan

What car is best for your child?

Moms that go with the minivan speak of different features that are important to them. One of these features is safety. Most minivans today are known for being the safest vehicles for all passengers. Airbags that wrap through the whole cabin and technical features to prevent accidents are becoming the norm in minivans. Another reason some moms lean toward a minivan is they are more fuel efficient than most SUVs. The mpg might not be that much different but when driving to many activities, any sort of extra mileage adds up. Some minivans we recommend on our lot with these features are the Chrysler Town and Country, the Dodge Grand Caravan, and the Nissan Quest.

At Dave Syverson, we think any choice is the right choice depending on your preferences. Come in and test out the differences today.


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