Sunny Days Bring Driving Dangers

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Summer driving dangers in Minnesota

Enjoy summer without driving stress.

Summer Driving Dangers in Minnesota

Good job, Minnesota! You made it through this awful winter. The snow and ice made driving unsafe and almost impossible some days. You think you can take a deep breath in the car now that the snow is gone, but the truth is that driving can be even more dangerous in the summer months. If you know these summer driving dangers in Minnesota you will less susceptible to accidents, save money on fixing door dents and dings, and will be able to save your driving stresses for the snow.

Knowing these four dangers will prepare you for summer driving.

Summer driving dangers in Minnesota

Be a stress free driver.

1. Teen Drivers

No offense teens, but now that school is out there are more inexperienced drivers on the road during the day. Teens also pose a threat on the road because they are more likely to be paying attention to friends in their car, the radio, or unfortunately their cellphones instead of the road.  Be aware of the drivers around you. If one of them looks like a teen on his/her cellphone give them room to make mistakes. Be patient instead of aggressive. It will pay off when you are at your destination safely.

Summer driving dangers in Minnesota

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2. More bicycles and pedestrians

This one is a no brainer but sometimes we all need reminding. Be aware of all pedestrians and bikes around you. Stop fully at all stop signs and make sure you carefully look both ways before you go through an intersection.

3. Two words: road construction

We all hate it but unfortunately there is no way to get around it. Slow down in construction zones even though it might delay your arrival time. Also, make sure you are aware of all the construction signs that might tell you lanes are ending or roads are closed. Taking time to look at these signs will help you avoid citations and keep you, other drivers, and construction workers safe.

4. Tire blowouts

The hot air can expand your tires causing them to burst. This happens especially with old tires. So make sure your tires aren’t susceptible to blowouts so you don’t get stranded on the highway or cause an accident.

These tips will help you be prepared for all summer dangers on the road. Being aware and making time for possible delays on your drive will make for a less stressful and easy drive.


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