Nissan is Developing a Self Cleaning Car

By Admin | Posted in Nissan on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 11:59 pm

You’ve heard of self driving cars, but what about a self cleaning car? How often have you had get up on an nice summer weekend morning, look out the window and think, “It’s not going to rain today, I better wash the car.” You inevitably spent the rest of your morning cleaning and detailing your car, struggling with hoses, rags, and wax, tripping over yourself just so your car gets that much cleaner. Or you’ve been at the gas pump and something reminds you to take your car through the wash and you sigh and resign yourself to spending a few more dollars on top of the full tank of gas you just pumped. These two scenarios might be a thing of the past if Nissan’s new technology takes off.

A self cleaning nano-paint coating that’s currently in development is just the answer to your washing woes. It’s actually less self cleaning than it is just super-hydrophobic and oleophobic. In layman’s term, this thing repels water and oil. This means that running through muddy puddles will leave no residue, it will just slide off as the car drives on. You couldn’t drive along the muddy banks of the Mississippi River and come away clean!

It’s pretty great technology, but as stated, it is still in development. Nissan has to test this new feature against every kind of environment. It also has to test if the coat is long lasting; sure it would be nice to have, but if you have go in and get resprayed every few months, it goes from convenience to added hassle. Nissan also believes this won’t be a standard feature, so be prepared to ask for it extra when it finally does become available in the future. Sure, some people may wear dirt on their cars like a badge of honor, but maybe having a car that doesn’t have a speck of mud on it can be just as cool.

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