VW sets the bar with new Golf Race Car Concept vehicle

By Admin | Posted in Concept, Volkswagen on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at 5:21 pm
reveal of the Volkswagen Golf Race Car Concept

Reveal of the Volkswagen Golf Race Car Concept

Volkswagen is notorious for giving us things to get excited about, which is why the early-July reveal of the Volkswagen Golf Race Car Concept gave us some very familiar, excited feelings. The brand is proud of this one, as it’s simply a modified Golf (not to be confused with the Volkswagen Golf GTI or Golf R) that has an incredible amount of added power and improvements. This car is surely built to take out on the track! If you’re curious about Volkswagen’s new creation, read on. We have some of the specifics (and pictures) of this new, amped-up Golf.

reveal of the Volkswagen Golf Race Car ConceptVolkswagen Golf Race Car Concept wins its first race

Why would Volkswagen want to modify a perfectly good Golf? Well, for the pure enjoyment of a little competition. The new Volkswagen Golf Race Car Concept  was built to race against other models in the Touring Car Racer International Series (a race that takes place in Europe and Asia). We’re not sure how confident the brand was putting their new concept up against the other models in the race, but they certainly gained a lot of confidence coming out, as the Volkswagen Golf Race Car Concept won its very first race. We’re sure the VW-supporters were pretty proud of the win.

Volkswagen Golf Race Car Concept specs

This over-the-top Golf has some notable specs and features, but most of them are noticeable when it comes to the power the vehicle possesses. The Volkswagen has a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine that can reach outputs of 330 horsepower- that’s big power for a little car. Other notable features can be seen in the vehicle’s aesthetics. This VW really looks like a race car! The Volkswagen Golf Race Car Concept is wide-set. with front and rear bumpers that are equipped with large vents for racing purposes. Inside, there is a safety cage, complete with the proper racing harnesses.

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