New Redesigned 2016 Ford Explorer Exceeds Expectations

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Redesigned 2016 Ford Explorer

Redesigned 2016 Ford Explorer

There have been rumors floating around all year that Ford might be releasing a redesigned version of its Explorer model for the 2016 model year. Well, this past week we found out that those rumors were actually true, as they unveiled a new redesigned 2016 Ford Explorer at the Los Angeles Auto Show. So we have decided to dedicate this blog post to telling our readers all about the newest version of the iconic Explorer.

SUV sales make a significant part of Ford’s overall sales. In fact, about one-third of Ford’s North American vehicle sales consists of SUV sales, and by 2020 they expect that number to climb to 29% of all sales. They are hoping that new engine updates and other advancements found in the new 2016 Ford Explorer will help them achieve or exceed that goal.

Ford focused more on making internal mechanical changes with this new update then exterior design changes. However, they did make a few exterior updates, and they look great. Most people would agree that the biggest change to the Explorer would be the all-new 2.3L EcoBoost engine. This new motor will replace the 2.0L engine from the previous generation. Consumers are extremely excited about this engine, which increases horsepower by 13 percent and torque by 11 percent, while maintaining the same fuel efficiency as the 2.0L had. One of the things that we love about Ford is that they are able to maintain or increase fuel economy, while increasing power output. Their ability to do that really serves as a great example of how innovative of a company they are.

Overall, customers will get a choice of three engine options on the new Explorer: Standard 3.5L, six-cylinder; all-new 2.3L, EcoBoost, four-cylinder; and the 3.5L, EcoBoost, twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder. All of these engines offer phenomenal fuel economy and excellent performance, especially those equipped with EcoBoost.

Another major change will be the addition of an all-new Platinum level trim. This will be the new top-level premier trim on the Explorer and the first Ford model to ever be sold without the iconic blue oval badge. This new Platinum trim will actually be sold with a platinum colored badge.

Ford decided to create the Platinum model after they noticed that thousands of Explorer customers were checking every single optional feature that they offered with it. In fact, Ford claims that 90 percent of current Explorer customers purchase the most expensive trim. So they are confident that this new top-level trim will sell well, even though it will be priced upwards of $50,000, which is significantly more expensive than any Explorer model has ever sold for in the past. The other models in the Explorer lineup will be more on-par with the pricing of the current generation of the Explorer. However, they are not releasing any official pricing information until closer to the release date.

Ford is targeting its all-new Platinum level Explorer at customers who want an SUV with more features and luxury options than anything that is being offered in the Sport and Limited models, which are the current top trim versions in the Explorer family. It will come standard with features like a high-quality Nirvana leather interior, two-panel moonroof, metal and real-wood accents, a distinctive front grille, and 20-inch wheels with painted pockets. They are also offering optional signature lighting on the Platinum that really makes the new Explorer’s distinct exterior lines really stand out. Also, the standard engine for the Platinum trim level will be the powerful 3.5L, EcoBoost, twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine, which makes this vehicle just as fast as it is luxurious.

Customers do not have to opt for the pricey Platinum trim in order to get a quality well-equipped Explorer, because even the lower level trims come with a plethora of great standard and available options. It comes with a wealth of technology features such as power-folding third row seating, foot-activated lift gate. Another exciting feature will be the all-new smart-charging USB ports, which allow drivers to charge tech gadgets twice as quickly as other vehicles.

Ford has really stepped up the safety-related technology on this new Explorer. This is a very important selling point to drivers with families, which is a key portion of the Explorer’s target demographic. Available Ultrasonic Sensors help to automatically park the Explorer in any situation. It also has an available 180-degree camera that provides added visibility for otherwise invisible traffic in vision-blocked areas, such as in alleyways or when coming around corners.

When Ford first unveiled the Explorer back in 1991 it took the industry by storm and outsold the Chevy S-10 and Jeep Grand Cherokee by a significant amount. In fact, at one time the Explorer was the best selling SUV in America. Now, 25 years later, it has fallen behind the smaller crossover SUVs in overall sales. However, Ford is still selling around 200,000 units of the Explorer per year, and they have high hopes that this new redesign will push that number up even higher in the coming years.

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