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By Admin | Posted in LINCOLN on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 11:00 pm

2015 LINCOLN Navigator Albert Lea, MN

2015 LINCOLN NavigatorThe last time LINCOLN did anything that could be called a change for its Navigator series, Steve Jobs just announced the iPhone, the last Harry Potter book had come out, and Tobey Mcguire had his last outing in red and blue spandex in Spider-man 3. That year, 2007, was the last time that the Navigator got a redesign and face-lift. But LINCOLN is rolling out a brand new look for next year. And the 2015 LINCOLN Navigator in Albert Lea, MN benefits greatly from it. Whether it’s the new EcoBoost engine, the higher wheelbase, or the completely redesigned interior, the Navigator looks better than ever.

The luxury SUV class is particularly varied, but the redesigned Navigator does a lot to assert itself as the dominating force among its competitors. It stands tall on 20-inch wheels, with the option to get even more imposing on 22-inch wheels. With the redesigned grill on the front, the added height and new look is titanic in its look, huge and boisterous. With the new, larger wheelbase, the space in size is cavernous. Putting on all the bells and whistles and then folding the seats and the storage space is over a massive 128 cu. ft. Apparently, it fits a whole family comfortably in its relaxing leather seats, or everything can be made for storage space and half a house can be shoved into the back.navigator_design_interior_1_large

On top of the space, or more aptly, in front of the space sits a new twin-turbo boosted EcoBoost V6 engine. While fuel economy numbers haven’t been released, LINCOLN is boasting it can produce at least 370 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque, with a towing limit of 9,000 lbs. So even though those numbers put the 2015 LINCOLN Navigator near Mason City, IA at the top of its class, having an EcoBoost engine, as has been noted in the F-150, will greatly improve the fuel economy. So a vastly superior engine that still provides great power and hopefully good gas mileage in a luxury car that can fit a whole other car in the back. Maybe the eight year wait for a redesign wasn’t that bad.

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