Get Together Minnesota. The State Fair is Calling Your Name

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Minnesota State Fair Events

Support farmers. Go to the State Fair.

Minnesota State Fair Events

Mark your calendars, the fair is just around the corner! You might be thinking summer has just begun but we know life gets hectic,and this is an annual outing you would be disappointed to miss. The Minnesota State Fair events range from the traditional animal showing to the live shows on the grandstand. With the amazing food, fun rides, and events for the whole family, the Minnesota State Fair has something for everyone.Don’t worry about the long drive from Albert Lea, we will fix you up and have your car ready for the drive.

The State Fair goes for 12 days and 12 nights, beginning on August 21st and finishing up on September 1st. Everyday has a new performance on the Grand Stand. This includes known performers such as Linkin Park, Tim McGraw. Kid Rock, Paramore,  and the one and only Aretha Franklin. If you are looking for a less crowded area to listen to awesome performers check out the nearly ten more stages around the park that provide free performances with your admission. Along with music, you will also have the chance to see comedians, dance showcases, and a ventriloquist.

Minnesota State Fair Events

The State Fair is fun for kids too

Minnesota State Fair Events

Hit the road to the Fair

Come during the day to check out the farm animals. The state fair revolves around farmers showing off their farm animals, so come down and celebrate how these farmers live and the healthy animals they raise. Come down to see the competition of best cattle, sheep, goat, rabbit, poultry, pig, and so many more farm animals. You can also look forward to a rodeo and various horse shows.

The animals are fun to look at but all that walking can sure work up an appetite. The Minnesota State Fair is full of food vendors who will cook you up something you will rave about for the rest of your life. Taste the funnel cake, cotton candy, corn on the cob, and the hotdogs. For you more adventurous eaters, try out almost anything deep fried or on a stick you can imagine. This includes deep fried Pop Tarts, deep- fried beer, or even kool-aid pickles on a stick!

Don’t miss out on the tradition of the State Fair. You are sure to enjoy yourself no matter how long your drive is. We’ll get your car ready to go so you have time to think about what kind of deep-fried concoction you will order.


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