Find your Jeep’s Natural Habitat

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Jeeping in Minnesota

Get your jeep outside to play

Jeeping in Minnesota

Hey all you Jeepers, we think it’s time to take your ruggedness to the next level. You have the jeep and the adventurous soul, but now it’s time to take it off the road and check out Jeeping in Minnesota. If you thought you could only go jeeping in mountainous states like Colorado and Wyoming, we have a surprise for you. We have many trails right here in Minnesota and it is time for you to explore them.

While you get the details all figured out, we will get your jeep prepared and make sure it it is safe to go offroading. Before you go off alone you might want to check out a few Jeeping organizations you can join in Minnesota that

Jeeping in Minnesota

Enjoy nature in your jeep

will help you be safe and prepared for all your jeeping adventures have to offer. Some of these groups include the Trail Riders and the Dakota Dirt Diggers. Both of these groups understand the importance of safety during jeeping and will guide you to the right trails at the right time of year.

Jeeping in Minnesota

Take your Jeep off the road

Winter time is the prime season for jeeping in Minnesota, so don’t forget to get your tires checked before you go. One trail run is the Jeep 4×4 Chucks Winter Run. This run takes place just east of Minnesota in River Falls, Wisconsin. The trail typically includes snow-filled gullies, hill climbs, and of course logs, rocks, and stumps that make for a bumpy ride. If this is one of your first jeeping experiences, the Trail Riders suggest you take the trail slow and follow the trail leader closely.

One more trail we recommend that will ignite your inner adventure is the Fall Trail Run that takes place in the middle of autumn. This trail is also in River Falls, Wisconsin which is right next to the Minnesota border.  In order to conquer this trail you must climb a hill that reaches a 60 degree angle. This challenging trail requires proper breaks, intricate steering, and of course seatbelts. We will get you all set up for your trek.

Okay jeepers, it’s time to get out and explore. That vehicle wasn’t made to drive you to work and back. It’s time to take your jeep into its natural habitat.


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