Take a hike in Minnesota

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hiking trails near Albert Lea MN

Don’t miss out on sights like these

Hiking Trails Near Albert Lea MN

In today’s world it’s easy to get distracted by technology and forget about the world around you. The air conditioning feels nice and the couch is comfortable, but we think it’s time to leave the indoors behind and go explore beautiful nature.

hiking trails near Albert Lea MN

Spend a day like this outside

There are many hiking trails near Albert Lea MN, only miles away from Dave Syverson Auto Center. So, this weekend explore the world and enjoy the amazing outdoors.

One trail near Albert Lea that promises a beautiful hike is the Red Jacket Trail. This trail runs next to the scenic Minnesota River and into the village of Rapidan. As you take the 13 mile trek you will run across old railroads and the Red Jacket trestle high above you. As you hike toward Mankato you will continue down the river and then reach a beautifully wooded area that is perfect for some afternoon shade.

Another trail we recommend is the Shooting Star State Trail. This is a spectacular trail for leisurely biking because of its wide asphalt path that runs next to amazing trees, meadows, and an old railroad. There are plenty of rest stops on the way that are perfect for a small picnic and a cool off time before you finish your ride.

hiking trails near Albert Lea MN

You could be here

If you’re looking to get out of Minnesota for the day, take the short trip from Albert Lea to Iowa for a trail that you will be far from disappointed by. The Waspi-Great Western Line Trail is 18 miles of pure bliss. Walk or bike on the abandoned Great Western Railway. The trail goes by old farms, wetland, and woods so be prepared to see all sorts of wildlife.

Next time you have a day off, leave your chores at home and go see the world. Leave your car with us for service and have a stress free day enjoying the nature we often take for granted.


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