The Hennessey Mustang Hellcat Killer

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Hennessey HPE700 Mustang

Hennessey HPE700 Mustang

This has been the year of the SRT Hellcat in the automotive world, its what everyone is talking about, and who could blame them. After all, Dodge has built monster cars with its 707 horsepower Charger and Challenger Hellcat models. The only problem is that no other American muscle car even comes close to matching its performance this year. This has left many of us feeling sorry for the fans of competitor muscle cars like the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang, until now. Mustang fans can opt to upgrade to the Hennessey HPE700 Mustang, which is being billed by many as the Hellcat killer.

The Ford Mustang has always been a favorite tuning car among high-performance tuning shops, and none of them do it better then Hennessey. The Texas based performance tuning shop has a track record of producing iconic Mustangs such as the Venom GT and now they are doing it again with the HPE700 Mustang.

John Hennessey felt that it was unfortunate that the new 2015 Ford Mustang didn’t have the muscle needed to compare and keep up with the other high-performance muscle cars on the market this year, so he did something about it and brought it up to speed.

Hennessey’s HPE700 Mustang makes 717 horsepower and produces 632 lb-ft of torque. This results in an unbelievable 0 to 60 time of just 3.6 seconds and a quarter mile time of 11.2 seconds. The HPE700 produces 10 more horsepower than the SRT Hellcat, which have led many people to nickname this car “The Hellcat Killer”.

Hennessey starts with a stock eight-cylinder Mustang model and adds significant performance modifications like a Roots-style supercharger that runs 7.25psi of boost to increase the speed and performance of this monster Mustang.

Mustang enthusiasts will also be happy to learn that it won’t cost them an arm and a leg to get behind the wheel of an HPE700. In fact, it will only cost $59,500 and that includes the cost of the cost of the base car. However, drivers who are interested in purchasing one should act fast because Hennessey will be limiting production to just 500 units of the new high-performance HPE700 Mustang.

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