National Teen Driver Safety Week 2015 is Oct. 18-24

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Helpful safety tips for teenage drivers

Helpful safety tips for teenage drivers

October 18 – 24 has been designated National Teen Driver Safety Week, and it is the perfect time to reflect upon the habits and behaviors exhibited by the nation’s youngest drivers. Some of the statistics about teen driver accidents are sobering and tragic, and we here at Dave Syverson Auto Center believe it’s important to stay educated on the issue. Not only could these helpful safety tips for teenage drivers prevent catastrophes, they are also important reminders for drivers of all ages and mileage.

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National Teen Driver Safety Week statistics

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for adolescents, and the greatest chance for a crash in a person’s lifetime is within the first six months of receiving their license. About 75% of serious crashes involving teen drivers are caused by such errors as lack of proper road scanning, going too fast for conditions, or driving while distracted. Distraction was a major factor in 58% of teen driver crashes based on an analysis of nearly 1,700 accidents. 

Helpful safety tips for teenage drivers

National Teen Driver Safety Week tips and reminders

So, what can be done to prevent such calamities, or worse, tragedies? In addition to obeying the laws (i.e., wearing seat belts, minding the speed limit, and not drinking and driving), getting rid of distractions is paramount to avoiding accidents. Cell phones are one of the biggest culprits, so it is important for a teen driver (or any driver) to not use their phone while behind the wheel. Food can prevent a driver from keeping their eyes on the road as well; it’s best to save those french fries for home. Finally, driving is an emotional experience in its own right, but the lives of teenagers can be exceptionally emotional both positively and negatively. While on the road, keep emotions in check to maintain focus. Whether driving a Ford, a Nissan, or any other vehicle, following these tips should help keep the nation’s young drivers safe behind the wheel. 

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