Don’t forget your pets get hot too

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Heat Safety for Dogs

Remember your dog when the hot sun comes out

Heat Safety for Dogs

The experts at Dave Syverson aren’t vets but we know how important our pooches are to us. We strive to be as loyal to them as they are to us and want you to take a stand to do the same. The Minnesota summer is starting to warm up, and our dogs can feel it to. Because they can’t talk, we sometimes forget about their needs in the heat and humidity. Here’s a friendly reminder tips on heat safety for dogs.

First of all, make sure water is always available to your dog. When cold water doesn’t seem to be doing the trick to cool them down, most dogs love to chew ice or homemade popsicles made out of peanut butter. Make sure your dog is walking in

Heat Safety for Dogs

Your dogs are family too.

the grass instead of the pavement as much as possible in order to keep their paws from burning. Also, limit exercise on humid and hot days.

Heat Safety for Dogs

This is no place for a dog

The next thing we feel is important to stress again and again is never, ever leave your dog in a hot car. Even leaving your dog in the car with the windows open can pose a very dangerous threat. Car temperatures increase much faster than you might think. In 10 minutes the temperature can go up almost 20 degrees. So if it’s 85 degrees outside, your dog will be in a 105 degree car within 10 minutes. It’s best to leave your dog at the house while you are gone.

While we trust that you are responsible enough to keep your pets safe, we also think it’s important to be aware of other dogs who might be in danger. If you see a dog in a hot parked car please take steps to make sure it gets out of danger. Write down the car details and license plate and notify near-by businesses. If the owner does not come out, please call non-emergency police line and wait for officials to arrive.

As these hot summer days make way to Minnesota, be aware of your dogs comfort level. Remember, they are affected by heat and humidity too.


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