Fun Kids Activities for Halloween!

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Halloween Themed Childrens Activities

Halloween Themed Children’s Activities

Halloween is almost here and all of us here at Dave Syverson Auto Center Albert Lea MN thought that it would be fun to write a post about some fun Halloween themed children’s activities that can be done with families and friends. After reading about these games you may even decide to throw a childrens Halloween party so that your child and their friends can try them out.

Find the Pumpkin:

This game puts a fun twist on the traditional scavenger hunt game. The idea for this game is very simple. You hide pumpkins of all different sizes all over your yard and have the children find as many as they can. Then at the end of the game whatever child has collected the most pumpkins wins a prize.

Boo Bowling:

This is a great activity because it is safe, easy to set up and the supplies are very cheap. All that you need to play Boo Bowling is: Six rolls of paper towels, googly eyes from a craft store, electrical tape and a foam pumpkin.

Secure the googly eyes to the paper towel and then below the eyes use the electrical tape to make a mouth. When you are done it will look like a ghost. The ghosts will be your bowling pins so repeat this process with all six rolls of paper towel.

Then take the six pins and set them up in a triangle on a flat surface. Then let the kids take turns trying to knock as many pins over as possible with the foam pumpkin just like a real game of bowling.

Pass the Pumpkin:

This is a great game for Halloween parties or large families. This game is essentially the same as musical chairs except with a pumpkin theme. To play you need to line up chairs for the participants in a circle. Then make sure to have a enough pumpkins for everyone in the circle except for one person.

Then for the game itself you play halloween music and pass the pumpkins around while its playing. Once the music stops the person who does not have a pumpkin is out. This process just repeats over and over again until there is only one player remaining.

All of us here at Dave Syverson Auto Center Albert Lea MN hope that you have a safe and fun Halloween this year.

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