List of Father’s Day Ideas for 2015

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Fun Father's Day Ideas for 2015

Fun Father’s Day Ideas for 2015

We are already coming up on the month of June, and that means that we Father’s Day is right around the corner. All of us here at Dave Syverson Auto Center want to make sure that you are fully prepared for your dad’s special day this year. Therefore, we have put together a list of fun Father’s Day ideas for 2015.

Camping Trip:

Father’s Day is a great excuse to get the family together and take a camping trip. Enjoying activities such as hiking, kayaking, going to the beach or sitting around the bon fire are great ways to bond with your father, and a lot of fun. We are also lucky because as residents of Minnesota we have some of the best campgrounds in the country right here in our home state, so we don’t have to travel far to have fun.

Head to the Ballpark:

There is no better father son or father daughter experience then heading to the local ballpark, grabbing a hot dog, and watching a baseball game. We have a lot of great local teams here in Minnesota, including the Minnesota Twins. Therefore, a great Father’s Day present is getting some tickets for you and your dad to go see his favorite baseball team play.

Have a Cookout:

Another fun way to spend Father’s Day is to get the family together, throw some meat on the grill and have a Father’s Day cookout. If your dad likes to cook then he can grill up the meat, and he if he doesn’t you can do the grilling and serve him.

Go Bowling:

Bowling might be an activity that is right up your dad’s alley. Bowling is a fun and inexpensive Father’s Day idea. This is also a great backup plan if it ends up being a rainy day.

Fishing Trip:

Another great idea for Father’s Day is to drive down to your favorite fishing hole and cast a few lines with your dad. This is another fun and inexpensive way to spend Father’s Day.

All of us here at Dave Syverson Auto Center would like to wish dad’s everywhere a happy Father’s Day!!

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