New Long-Range Ford EV will be Shown This Year

By Admin | Posted in New Technology on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 at 9:43 am
Ford is Working on a Long-Range EV

Ford is Working on a Long-Range EV

Chevrolet unveiled a new long-range electric vehicle called the Bolt earlier this year that has had everyone in the automotive community talking. This vehicle was impressive because it will supposedly offer a range that is comparable to high-end EVs such as Tesla. However, it will sell for a much lower price tag. Well, now we have just found out that Chevy’s Bolt model will have some competition, because Ford is working on a long-range EV of their own. So we will be dedicating this blog post to telling you everything that we know so far about Ford’s new long-range EV.

We are very excited about the news that Ford is working on a new long-range EV because up until now Tesla has been the only automaker that has produced long-range EVs. The vehicles that they produce are great, but they are priced out of reach for the average person. This new long-range Ford EV will boast a range of over 200 miles and will sell for a reasonable price-tag of around $30,000.

As of right now it is still unclear whether or not Ford plans to release this all-new electric vehicle in 2017 to compete against the other affordable fully-electric, long-range vehicles that are coming out, such as the Chevy Bolt. However, we believe that is most likely what will end up happening.

Most people assume that this new long-range EV from Ford will not be ready in time for the New York International Auto Show that is taking place next month. However, have a feeling that it may be ready in time for the LA Auto Show that is coming up in November.

We will continue to update you with more information about this exciting new Ford EV vehicle as it becomes available.

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