What is Ford EcoBoost?

By Admin | Posted in Ford on Sunday, December 28th, 2014 at 6:15 pm
Ford EcoBoost Engines

Ford EcoBoost Engines

The majority of models in the Ford lineup feature EcoBoost engine technology. These EcoBoost engines have revolutionized the Ford brand and have taken fuel efficiency in the lineup to a whole new level. However, there are still many people who are unaware of what the EcoBoost technology is and how it benefits drivers. So in this blog post we are going to highlight the Ford EcoBoost engines and explain how this technology actually works.

Ford considers the EcoBoost technology to be a great alternative to hybrid, fully-electric and diesel engine technologies. Vehicles that are equipped with EcoBoost are designed to deliver power and torque that are similar to the larger displacement engines, but with much better fuel efficiency. On average, EcoBoost engines are able to achieve 20 percent better fuel economy with 15 percent less greenhouse gasses. They are also able to achieve these impressive numbers without sacrificing on performance.

This technology allows Ford to increase the horsepower and torque of smaller engines through the use of turbocharging, direct injection and variable cam timing.

A lot of people assume that this technology is only available in the smaller cars in the lineup. However, now EcoBoost can be found in everything from the compact Fiesta model all the way to rugged, full-size F-150 pickup truck.

One of the most innovative EcoBoost engine offerings is the award winning 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine. This engine has won the highly-coveted International Engine of the Year Award an unprecedented three consecutive years in a row. The 1.0-liter EcoBoost gets an impressive 44 miles per gallon on the highway, which is comparable to many of the hybrid vehicles on the market today. This is just one of the many great EcoBoost engine options that can be found throughout the current Ford lineup.

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