It’s time to be Eco-Boosted to the next level of driving

By Admin | Posted in Ford on Thursday, July 10th, 2014 at 10:20 am
Ford EcoBoost in MN

More Power, Less Fuel

Ford EcoBoost in MN

It’s time to get educated about Ford’s innovative EcoBoost engine. In the past few years the EcoBoost engine has been made for almost all Ford car models. So what makes this engine so special? Should you think about getting one? Well, we have the answers for you.

The Ford EcoBoost in MN combines turbocharging and direct fuel injection. In a nutshell, turbocharging puts more air in the engine. This air along with more the fuel injection adds more power to the engine. Not only does the air provide

Ford EcoBoost in MN

A small can have power too

more power,  it also provides greater fuel efficiency. The EcoBoost provides 20% more gas mileage than other Ford engines and costs much less than a hybrid. This innovative engine provides greater torque which helps your Ford accelerate with ease when towing or going uphill.

The EcoBoost engine comes in 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder. The 6-cylinder provides excellent fuel efficiency while giving a performance equivalent to  an 8-cylinder engine. The 4-cylinder feels like a 6-cylinder but has the fuel efficiency of a 4-cylinder or even lower.

Ford EcoBoost in MN

EcoBoost your Ford

Now comes the question of whether you should consider investing in such an interesting engine for your Ford.  First, it’s important to remember that the EcoBoost engine is compatible with almost all Ford models, so you don’t have to worry about what type of model you would have to purchase have this installed. We believe the technology of the EcoBoost engine is a wonderful piece of technology for your Ford. It brings more power to your ride while providing top-notch fuel efficiency. All in all, for those drivers who seek power and torque, but don’t want to seek the gas pump as often as another engine that provides this power and torque would need, we think the Ford EcoBoost engine is for you.

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