Dodge is Offering a Stunning new Shaker Hood Option on the 2015 Challenger

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Dodge Recently Announced a new Shaker Hood Option for the Challenger

Dodge Recently Announced a new Shaker Hood Option for the Challenger

Dodge made some serious waves within the automotive industry this year when they unveiled a completely redesigned version of their classic Challenger Hellcat model. Most of the attention has gone to the 707 Horsepower Challenger Hellcat trim level, which is the fastest production muscle car to ever be produced. However, Dodge recently announced a new Shaker Hood option for the Challenger that is being offered on some of the other trim levels. So we have decided to dedicate this blog post to telling you all about this exciting new option.

This new version of the Shaker Hood is coming 45 years after the original and brings an aggressive looking satin black hood scoop to the Challenger that looks absolutely stunning.

Dodge is well-known for offering HEMI engine options on the Challenger. These engines are known for offering a throaty growl and unmatched athletic performance. Dodge believes that engines that look and sound this awesome should not be hidden. So that is why they are offering the new Shaker Hood option on the Challenger. The Shaker Hood not only gives the Challenger an upgraded style, it also adds functional performance. The way that this hood works is by bringing cold air into the engine compartment to increase performance. It also allows everyone to see the rumbling Hemi engine that is shaking underneath the hood.

This exciting new Shaker Hood package will be available on three different trim levels and two different engine options. We know for sure that the new Shaker Hood option will be available on the Dodge Challenger R/T and Dodge Challenger R/T Plus trim levels. We also know that it will be offered with the 5.7-liter eight-cylinder engine and the 6.4-liter Challenger 392 powertrain.

The Challenger Shaker R/T and the Challenger Shaker R/T Plus are available for order now and are priced at $35,495 and $38,495 plus a $995 destination fee. Anyone interested in learning more about the stylish new 2015 Dodge Challenger is encouraged to visit with one of our expert sales associates here at Dave Syverson Auto Center.

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