Dodge Chargers get a force-inspired makeover

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New Dodge Chargers as Storm Troopers

New Dodge Chargers as Storm Troopers

Throughout the years, the Star Wars franchise has attracted a number of fans across the globe. Similarly, the Dodge Charger has gathered a large number of followers. Are you wondering how these two globally-renowned brands fit together? With the new Star Wars release on the horizon, Dodge took the initiative to reach out to the franchises’ massive following. By dressing up the new Dodge Chargers as Storm Troopers (let’s face it, they already resembled them), the brand was able to reach our inner nerd. Read on if you’d like to hear why the Dodge Charger utilized the force in its latest venture.

New Dodge Chargers as Storm TroopersNew York Uber service promotes Force Friday

With the new Star Wars release ahead (in December), several merchandising outlets in New York and elsewhere celebrated Force Friday, in order to promote the release of several Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys. Among the toys that were released were toy cars that resembled Storm Troopers. Dodge decided to take part (as a one-time deal) to help advertise for the new film by dressing up the ever-popular Dodge Charger to look like the movie’s Storm Troopers. If you’re curious to learn a bit more about the car that looks like the famous villains, read on.

About the 2105 Dodge Charger near Albert Lea MN

At Dave Syverson Auto, we’re Dodge enthusiasts, and we normally keep a healthy stock of several Dodge vehicles on site! When a Dodge Charger comes to the dealership, it certainly doesn’t last long, which means that you have to act fast, or perhaps give the Dodge Challenger, Dart or other models a chance! The Charger has been a brand favorite for quite awhile, due to its available supercharged engine and high-tech features. And now that it slightly resembles a Storm Trooper (if you purchase it in the Bright White color, it has even more appeal!


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