Will Dodge bring back it’s popular GLH package?

By Admin | Posted in Dodge on Friday, August 28th, 2015 at 4:10 pm
Dodge brings back GLH in the form of a Dart

Dodge brings back GLH in the form of a Dart

In the wonderful world of the 80s, Chrysler advertized its ever-popular Dodge Omnis as a car that Went (Goes) Like Hell. Recently, rumors have been circulating that Dodge wants to bring back the GLH badge in the form of a Dodge Dart. While these rumors have yet to be confirmed, it hasn’t made us any less excited about the possibility of an amped-up Dart. So, if Dodge brings back GLH in the form of a Dart, we’re surely going to revisit this again. For now, read on to hear what we’ve heard regarding the possible new vehicle, especially the part where we discuss the power it could possess.

Dodge brings back GLH in the form of a DartDodge Dart GLH package

This exciting new rumor began at the Fiat-Chrysler dealer meeting, which took place in Las Vegas. While the meeting has strict privacy rules, there’s not much else the brand can do to keep people’s mouths shut (especially when the news is exciting!). According to some of the insiders, The GLH model could have a highly-enhanced turbocharged engine, which would boost its performance by quite an impressive amount (comparable to the Dodge Dart R/T concept). It was also said that the upgrade would be an option on every Dart trim level.

What about the 2017 Dodge Dart SRT?

While the timeline could make plausible sense, it doesn’t seem that the 2017 Dodge Dart SRT is going to be the same vehicle as the GLH model. Along with the SRT upgrade, all-wheel drive and the 300-horsepower that was rumored on the Dart SRT, Dodge wouldn’t be able to also throw a GLH option on top of that for a price of under 20k (which is what we heard that the GLH would start at). There’s also the notion that the GLH model is a bit more sentimental to the brand, so to make it simply another option may undermine it.

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