Excessive Hellcat Markup by Certain Dealerships

By Admin | Posted in Hellcat on Monday, December 8th, 2014 at 11:06 am
Dealer is Marking up the Hellcat by $15,000

Dealer is Marking up the Hellcat by $150,000

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been one of the most talked about and in-demand vehicles this year for its high-performance characteristics, aggressive styling and wicked fast powertrain. Since this has been such a hot car already this year there have been certain dealerships who have marked up the price of the Hellcat, which is perfectly legal. However, one San Diego dealer is marking up the Hellcat by $150,000. We thought that it was interesting that a dealer would mark up a car so significantly, so we decided to write this article about it.

We avoid the practice of excessively marking up cars because of our commitment to providing our customers with low, unbeatable prices. However, we understand why some dealerships do it. When there is a limited supply of a vehicle that has a huge consumer demand they will simply increase the price to increase profit and availability.

However, we believe that raising the price by $150,000 like this San Diego dealership did is absolutely absurd and unthinkable. They are selling it for $150,000 plus the initial sticker price of $59,000. So that brings the grand total of the Challenger Hellcat to $212,175 at their dealership. That means that a customer could buy around seven of the base model Challengers SXT or two brand new Vipers for the cost of just one Hellcat. That price is also getting up into the supercar range of Ferraris and Lamborghinis as well.

The San Diego dealership is calling it a market adjustment price increase. When Dodge first unveiled that the starting price of the Hellcat would be $59,000 they were worried that dealerships would mark up the prices. So they implemented rules to try to limit this practice as much as possible. For example, they are rewarding dealerships that have higher turnover rates by giving them more cars. So basically, the more Hellcats that you sell, the more that you get. These rules have been effective in limiting excessive mark up at most dealerships. However, certain dealerships have still decided to markup the price anyways.

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According to the dealership the car was not ready for sale yet, and they didn’t want people to come in and make offers on it until it was. So they placed this extremely high price on the vehicle for the time being.

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