Most Reliable Cars for New Drivers

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best cars for young drivers

The VW Jetta is safe and stylish

Best cars for young drivers

So, your son or daughter is starting to drive. We know what a scary and exciting time this can be for you and them. While they might feel like they are invincible at this age, you know better. We know the best cars for young drivers that are safe, reliable, and won’t suck the bank account dry.

One car we believe is great for a responsible young driver is a Ford Focus. This car has excellent gas mileage and smaller price tag than many other cars of a similar style and class. The Focus gets an average of 28 miles per gallon and 40 highway miles per gallon.This car is sporty and chic but not edgy enough to give your young driver trouble in the school parking lot.  The focus also has an electronic option for charging instead of filling up the gas tank. This option is great way to teach your teen about the different advantages of gas powered cars and electric cars.

best cars for young drivers

Focus in on a Ford for your new driver

Another car that is great for your new driver is the Volkswagen Jetta. One advantage of the Jetta is that it costs less than $18K at its starting point. This car also has a hybrid option along with a diesel option. The Jetta is also equipped with heated rearview mirrors which are perfect for those cold snowy mornings in Albert Lea Minnesota. Although this may be more of a luxury than you had with your first car, this will give your child less excuses for being late for school.

best cars for young drivers

Check out the new features in a Nissan Versa Note

One other car that we recommend for your young driver is the Nissan Versa Note. We want to sell the Versa Note to a young driver because of the features we know will suit them well. One advantage of the Versa Note is that it is small but has enough storage space  for all of their after school sports and activities. The Versa Note also has 360 degree mirrors to prevent those beginner parking mishaps.

These three cars are some of the best for young drivers because of their price and reliability. We could go on about all of the others we offer, but we think you should come in and check them out  at Dave Syverson Auto Center, we are here to help!


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