2015 Earth Day Activities to Participate in

By Admin | Posted in Community on Monday, April 13th, 2015 at 4:45 pm
Activities for Earth Day in 2015

Activities for Earth Day in 2015

All of us here at Dave Syverson Auto Center are very happy that spring is finally here and we can finally enjoy some warm weather. However, the start of springtime also means that Earth Day is almost here. Earth Day is a great time to learn about ways to become more sustainable and to help protect the environment. After all, we all owe it to ourselves and the future generations to protect our planet. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this blog post to sharing some activities for Earth Day in 2015.

Go Hiking or Camping:

One of the best ways to get in touch with nature and enjoy the outdoors is to go hiking or camping. These are some great outdoor activities to do with friends, family, or by yourself. Hiking is also great exercise and we are very lucky because our home state of Minnesota has some of the best hiking trails in the country.

Do Some Gardening:

Another fun activity that you can take part in is doing some gardening. It can be a lot of fun to grow your own organic produce. Also, planting trees or native wildflowers is a great way to improve the appearance of your local community and help restore local bird and mammal populations.

Eco Education:

Earth Day is a great time to improve your eco education. Spend some time learning about your local environment, ways to protect it, and also some ways that you can become more sustainable. Your school, local library, or the internet are all places where you can get access to a wealth of free valuable information on these topics.

All of us here at Dave Syverson Auto Center would like to wish you a happy Earth Day!

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