Special Million Dollar Volkswagen Beetle at Germany Dealership

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Would you pay $1 Million for a Special Volkswagen Beetle

Would you pay $1 Million for a Special Volkswagen Beetle?

The VW Beetle is one of the most popular and iconic vehicles of all time. Volkswagen has always promoted the Beetle as a unique, stylish, and low cost vehicle. With that being said, would you pay $1 million for a special Volkswagen Beetle? Well, that is exactly what one dealership in the company’s home base of Wolfsburg, Germany is doing. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this blog post to telling you all about this interesting million dollar Beetle.

Volkswagen originally envisioned the Beetle as a cheap and efficient mode of transportation. Therefore, it may be surprising to find out that a special Beetle is for sale for a million dollars in Germany. However, it’s true, you can become the proud owner of a million dollar Beetle.

So what makes this Volkswagen Beetle so special? Well, it wasn’t the first one made, but it still has a special story behind it. This car kind of marks the end of an era for the Beetle. This model is an Última Edició, which is one of the final Beetles made in Mexico before production ended at that plant in 2003.

This Beetle has a cloth interior and is a base model. However, it only has 75 original miles on the odometer. Therefore, it gives one wealthy buyer the opportunity to own an original Beetle that is almost in brand new condition. No one has has been able to purchase a brand new original Beetle for about 12 years, which is what gives this vehicle its significant value.

Do we think that this Volkswagen Beetle is worth a million dollars? No, we don’t. However, we don’t claim to be the biggest Beetle fans in the world.

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