2015 Volkswagen GTI won the Yahoo Autos Car of the Year

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2015 Yahoo Autos Car of the Year Award Winner

2015 Yahoo Autos Car of the Year Award Winner

Yahoo assembled their team of expert judges out in California last month to review all of the great new models to select the 2015 Yahoo Autos Car of the Year Award winner. Eventually they were able to narrow the field down to the top 17 vehicles that included everything from the powerful Dodge Challenger Hellcat to the affordable Honda Fit model. In order to select this years winner they ran each vehicle through the most intensive testing program ever. They tested out every feature on each vehicle, set up an autocross track for countless laps of performance testing and more. Finally, after all the smoke cleared it was the 2015 Volkswagen GTI that came away with the top prize.

The Yahoo Autos Editors judged the vehicles on five different categories such as performance, efficiency, design, value and engineering. This year was very competitive in the judging process. In fact, when they ran the final poll none of the editors had selected the same top three vehicles. However, the 2015 Volkswagen GTI appeared on a majority of the lists, which helped it secure the 2015 Yahoo Autos Car of the Year Award.

Volkswagen redesigned the GTI for the 2015 model year, which should make it considerably more appealing to American drivers. Things like price, styling and size made the Volkswagen GTI unappealing to all but a niche market in the United States, until now. Volkswagen addressed all of these issues for the 2015 model year and worked to fix them.

They built the 2015 GTI on Volkswagen’s new MQB chassis and designed it to be lighter, longer and lower for the 2015 model year. They also took their time with the bodywork of the GTI to make it one of the most stylish cars on the road.

Volkswagen has also equipped it with a “Performance Pack” to give the 2015 GTI more snap than ever before. The Performance Pack includes a set of upgrades such as 10 more horsepower, improved brakes and a new limited slip differential known as VAQ. In fact, during testing the Volkswagen GTI was even able to beat the 707 horsepower Challenger Hellcat on the autocross track. Granted, the Hellcat is more of a drag race car, but it was still cool to hear about this comparison.

The judges claim that the GTI performed exceptionally well in every category that it was tested in. Things like great fuel economy and a reasonable starting price of around $24,000 all helped push this new GTI up to the top of the leaderboards.

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