Nissan plans a hands-free vehicle

By Admin | Posted in Nissan, Technology on Friday, October 16th, 2015 at 7:36 pm
2020 Nissan autonomous drive car

2020 Nissan autonomous drive car

In the wonderful world of Nissan, there’s always something exciting on the horizon. As automakers around the globe prepare for what the next generation of cars (electric and hands-free vehicles), Nissan is plunging forward with its idea for an autonomous automobile. Originally, the idea was presented in 2013, it is expected that Nissan won’t plunge forward with definite plans for quite awhile. If you’re curious what Nissan has up its sleeve in terms of creating a self-driving car, look no further. We have information on the original presentation of the model, as well as an idea of the prospective release. The 2020 Nissan autonomous drive car is well on its way (even though it seems a bit far off).

2020 Nissan autonomous drive carNissan autonomous vehicle concept

Now that Nissan has achieved the technical advancements necessary to achieve such such an advanced vehicle, the automaker has teams of experts working on creating it (even though a concept was revealed way back when). The autonomous automobile will be able to merge, pass and perform other maneuvers, using the basics of Nissan’s Safety Shield philosophy (in which the car monitors the area around the vehicle to help drivers avoid crashes). By utilizing the technology the brand already has, and creating new ideas, Nissan hopes that the car will help reduce the number of accidents caused by human error and inattentiveness.

Nissan autonomous car release date

We know that Nissan doesn’t have plans to release the new autonomous automobile anytime soon, as the brand wants to wait for consumers to want it. Autonomous models are starting to be built, but the interest isn’t quite there (maybe due to the fact that it sounds slightly dangerous to those of us who aren’t sure how it works). That’s why the brand has plans to wait until 2020 to release its first autonomous automobile onto the market. By 2020, perhaps it’ll be a hotter topic. Until then, the 2016 Nissan models are enough to keep us interested.

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