New Car Requirement: Rear-view Backup Camera

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.2018 Requirement of Rear View Backup Cameras

2018 Requirement of Rear-view Backup Cameras

Starting with Henry Ford’s release of the model T in 1908 and continuing all the way until present day our American automotive industry has always been very innovative. Consumer demand and new legislation are two of the main reasons why the auto industry has had to constantly reinvent itself. Recently, there was a new piece of legislation passed that will add new technology to every single new car produced in the United States beginning in the year 2018.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finalized a regulation which will require all automotive manufacturers who will be selling cars in the United States to install rear-view backup cameras in their new vehicles by 2018. Previously the automakers were not required to install these cameras in their vehicles but it was highly recommended by the NHTSA.

This law was passed because there have been accidents occurring that these cameras could help to prevent. Each year there are about 210 people killed by back-over accidents. However, one third of those are children and many of them are ran over by their own parents. So the NHTSA is hoping that these cameras will help to cut down the number of back-over accidents. The NHTSA claims that they believe these cameras could save between 59 to 65 lives per year.

The NHTSA estimates that it will cost about an extra $140.00 per vehicle to have the cameras installed.  We believe that this is a small price to pay for saving a lot of lives. A lot of the automakers are already starting to put these backup cameras in many of their vehicles, even though the law doesn’t officially go into effect until 2018. Honda is an example of one of the automakers who is already making the back-up camera a standard feature. Also, many luxury and high end cars have had these cameras as standard features for a long time now. Hopefully this 2018 requirement of rear-view backup cameras will make a difference and save a lot of lives.

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