The Golf brings an umph of power into 2015

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2015 Volkswagen Golf MN

The VW Golf is the car of the year

2015 Volkswagen Golf MN

FORE! Watch out, the 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI Diesel is coming in hot. The new diesel engine will bring mighty power while still appealing to those who believe in the importance of fuel efficiency.  The 2015 Volkswagen Golf MN is the model you know and love but now there’s even more to love. With improved features and a modified look and feel, the 2015 VW Golf is more to love.

The seventh generation model comes with more legroom and rear-seat space than any other generation of the Golf. Even with more space for comfort, VW has cut down in the Golf’s mass, giving it even easier handling and more fuel efficiency. To

2015 Volkswagen Golf MN

Picture yourself in a Golf

provide even more fuel efficiency to the 2015 Golf, VW installed electric power steering which will reduce tire feedback and lower friction. A new and improved brake system has increased braking response resulting in more precision when braking quickly or reaching inclement road conditions.

2015 Volkswagen Golf MN

Drive Fashionably

Now we should bring up the most different switch for the seventh generation Golf. That is its diesel engine. Don’t be worried about the sounds it will make as it drives down the street because VW guarantees the cabin to be so quiet you will forget the diesel engine is under you. The 2015 model keeps the same 236 lb-ft torque but has a greater horsepower at 140 to 150. An exhaust manifold has also been installed to provide quick warm-ups. The 2015 Golf also comes with a manual transmission option. With six speeds and an improved engine, fuel efficiency will be top of the line.

The interior of the 2015 model has a new and improved interior that has given the Golf more style. The model comes in lighter colors that match the inner door panels. Don’t worry, the Tartan fabric isn’t going anywhere, it will just be enhanced with red stitching.

Although the 2015 Golf TDI has not come to the market in the United States yet, come on over to Dave Syverson and test out previous models to build up your excitement for the new VW Golf TDI Diesel.

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