Volkswagen Unveils Next Generation Caddy Van

By Admin | Posted in Volkswagen on Monday, February 9th, 2015 at 8:55 am
2015 Volkswagen Caddy

2015 Volkswagen Caddy

When most of us think about small utility vans we think about vehicles such as the Ford Transit Connect or Ram ProMaster City. However, Volkswagen has been producing a popular model over in Europe for years called the Caddy. They finally just unveiled the new redesigned 2015 Volkswagen Caddy, and it looks absolutely stunning. Even though this vehicle will not be made available to us here in the states, we can still admire it from afar. So in this blog post we will be telling you everything that we know so far about this exciting new vehicle.

Next month Volkswagen will be traveling to the Geneva Auto Show to unveil the fourth generation of their popular Caddy van. This small van has been designed to compete in the highly-competitive small utility van segment over in Europe, and we believe that it will be miles ahead of anything that the competition has to offer.

This vehicle takes style to a whole new level in the utility van segment. Volkswagen used underpinnings from some of their other models such as the Golf, and Touran minivan to design the Caddy. Other than new sheetmetal, it has updated features like sharp angular headlights that help to complete this new look and style.

This van has been designed with a simple and classy interior that is refined and subtle. They are also offering new equipment such as revised safety features and an infotainment system. This van is very customizable and has eight different engine options, so customers create the Caddy that is perfect for them.

Earlier this year we heard rumblings from within the Volkswagen brand that a commercial van may make its way to the shores of North America. However, only time will tell if that will come to fruition or not.

We consider this van to be about on par with the new 2015 Ford Transit Connect, which has also been updated for the new 2015 model year. So if you are a fan of the Caddy we would definitely recommend checking out the Transit Connect, which is available now at Dave Syverson Auto Center.

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