Why the 2015 Ford Escape is the Best Compact SUV

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2015 Ford Escape Review

2015 Ford Escape Review

One vehicle that has received a lot of hype for the 2014 model year is the new Ford Escape. Ford really went back to the drawing board for 2015 and figured out exactly what features people wanted in a compact SUV and made it happen. That is what helped launch the Ford Escape to the top of the very competitive compact SUV category. We are just as excited about this new Escape as everyone else, so we are going to do a 2015 Ford Escape review.

The exterior of this vehicle is very sleek and stylish looking. However, Ford didn’t just pick this design just because it looked good. They also designed it to be aerodynamic in order to improve fuel economy even more. The shape of the vehicle was designed to cut down on the drag that is caused by wind resistance. Ford also uses Active Grille Shutter technology that can help to cut down on wind friction caused by air flowing through the radiator.

Ford offers 2 engine options to pick from. Either the 1.6L EcoBoost I-4 engine, which gets an EPA estimated 32 mpg or the 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 engine. The Ford Escape is also one of the only vehicles in its class to be offered with a 6-speed transmission with SelectShift technology. This transmission offers a smooth and comfortable ride while it shifts through all the gears.

There are many technological features that Ford has added into the Escape for 2015. For example, SYNC with available MyFord touch technology. These features allow you to do everything from navigate the roads, to making hands free phone calls and sending texts, to receiving traffic reports, allowing you to access your music library and more.

Another technological feature that we believe will stand out to the people who have families with young children the most is the foot activated lift gate. This feature allows you to open your lift gate by simply waving your foot in front of it. This is great because you’ll never have to set down your grocery bags or young children ever again to open up your lift gate.

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